Big Hearted Bead Bracelets™

Raise money and awareness for your favorite cause with our big hearted bead bracelets.

Jeweler and artisan Ann L. Wood is your creative partner for a wholesale, private-label product.

Just nama-slayin’ this world one bead at a time. You in?


How does it work?

Connect to your cause. Collaborate with me on a totally unique bracelet. Name it. Package it. Sell it. Take that profit and go change the world. 

Like we said…Namaslay 🙏



I’m Ann

(Was that awkward?)


I’m a big hearted bead wrangler from the beachy shores of Sandwich, MA.

My art has been featured in galleries, gourmet markets, and notable fairs throughout the state under my brand, Dragon Tooth Studio. Now, my work is in your hands — literally.

My big hearted bead line is intended to serve YOU. This open ended concept allows me to do what I love (collaborate, partner, create artisan made jewelry) and gives YOU a platform for raising money and awareness about your cause or business. 

With a background in retail management, I can help you build a personalized product to help create a ripple of change in the world.


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Big Hearted Bead Bracelets in Action

Want to collaborate? Let’s schedule something asap.