This is my very first blog post for my business, Ann Wood Jewelry.  Of course there are a ton of reasons for starting a blog but my biggest reason is I want to connect with my peeps.    

For the people that I know already– I miss you.  Just because some of you live close by and I see you every week, we are usually putting out fires, instead of connecting.  And for the ones that live farther away, our contact is sporadic at best. Life is busy. 

This is especially true of my two best friends living in Asia.  I love the idea that they can read this blog and connect to my everyday life because we certainly don’t hit everything on our What’s App and Skype chats.  They can read and comment on their own time and we can still have a conversation that we might not otherwise have.

To the people who I haven’t met yet, I can’t wait to get to know you through this blog.  Connecting with people is my jam. It’s what I’m good at and love to do.      

I also love the idea of journaling but need a little, tiny SHOVE in the right direction to keep on task.  So, like exercising with a buddy, I will be showing up here, to connect to you. 


Plan for the blog



  1.     Connect to …someone…anyone.  Are you out there?
  2.     Connect to myself from last week.  Down the road I want to remember this insanity as more than just a blur.
  3.     I want to write.  I will get it done; even if it isn’t perfect.  (A wise woman once said this to me. I rise to her challenge.)  I WILL write.


  •     You my friends, all together, will make up: “the blog”. 
  •     I will keep a mental picture of all your smiling faces as I write to you no less than once a month,
  •     and no more than once a week (for when I’m feeling prolific, I will CONTROL myself).


a)    The Artisan: All about me and the inevitable tales that arise

b)    The Mother: The glory that is the life of a working mom

c)    The Biz: The triumph and defeat of one small business owner

d)    The Inspiration: Crazy creativity at its best and worst

e)    The Process: How I design and make my jewelry

f)    The Studio: A sneak peek into my studio space

g)    The Causes: The stories behind the causes I support

h)    The Raw Materials: Information on the cool supplies I use.

i)    The Goods:  My creations- including my tried and true staples and my one of kind experiments—cuz I gotta have both…     



I wrote the bones of this blog post before the craziness of the Corona virus hit the United States.  Now more than ever making that connection with others is so important for everyone’s sanity, especially mine. 

I promise to try my best to keep you entertained, as only I can .  I can’t wait for the storytelling to begin. I hope this post finds you safe and well.  Know that I am thinking of you as I try to keep my family safe from the virus and from each other…  The struggle is real.





  1. Ann Wood

    I’m trying to figure out how to get comments activated…

  2. Jenny@simplybecreative.com

    :::waves::: hi!!! <3

  3. Megan T

    Happy to see this in my inbox this morning, yay!

  4. Dani

    Yes! I love this idea. I have always enjoyed your writing. I will continue to read it with a glass of wine in my hand, but now with the added bonus of commenting 🙂

  5. Susanne Lucas

    Hi Annie…. nice to read your blog. I’ve already got arugula up, as well as spinach and snow peas!
    I am staying sane by having a college student live with us ! who is from Japan, going to Harvard and the dorms are closed. Also walking the dogs more than usual! We’ve been cooking and eating well, with more time to think about meals and more time to prepare them. Salmon burgers, rice & beans & sausage, raviolis, baked haddock, enchiladas, etc! Take care and hope to see you soon.

  6. Patti

    Can’t wait to read what you have to say!! Maybe during this time of isolation we will be able to find time to connect again….through your blog!! Our lives always seems so busy to be able to connect otherwise!

  7. Sean Polay

    Hi, Ann,

    Looking forward to following along. Good luck with the blog, and everything associated with it.

    Ruby and I miss seeing you around the farm/neighborhood!


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