I live for telling stories…

Let me help you tell yours.

Jeweler and artisan Ann L. Wood creates collections of jewelry based on feelings, emotions, and even photographs.

She’s also the founder of Big Hearted Bead Bracelets™–a wholesale, private-label product for nonprofits, charities, and foundations.

An artist at heart, she also sprinkles in some specialty products once in a blue moon.

Just nama-slayin’ this world one bead at a time. You in?


Whatcha looking for?

Something for you.
Something to do good. 

Limited Edition Artist’s Collection Pieces

Inspired by people, photographs, and feelings, our Artist’s Collection pieces are meaningful moments in a bracelet. 

Fundraising Private-Label Jewelry for Causes 

Looking for some big-hearted beads to help raise awareness and money for your nonprofit or cause? We can help. 

Specialty products once in a blue moon

Always the artist, Ann Wood crafts and creates specialty products like wool dryer balls, homemade essential oil blends, and more. 

get to know ann 

my 5 things 

1. I have a very distinctive laugh.

My kids claim they can find me anywhere just by following my cackle.

2. I refuse to watch scary movies...

But I love True Crime podcasts. Shout out to Crime Junkies! Best. Podcast. Ever.

3. I hate waking up in the morning...

But once I’m up, I’m totally “that” happy morning person. Sorry.

4. I love to organize...

Which does NOT mean I like to clean. Bringing order to chaos is my jam but you can clean up your own shit.

5. I LOVE to drive fast...

I’ve had my motorcycle license since 2016. My motorcycle is a blue Yamaha FZ07. She is beautiful but I don’t get to ride her very often these days.



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Big Hearted Bead Bracelets in Action

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